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Christine 1 year ago
My mom was over and commented how horny she was and jokingly asked if she could use my husband for a night. Got me so hot thinking of them fucking and I said sure! Got them in the bedroom together and watch as they fucked. Seeing him slide his cock inside her and pound her pussy then creampie her was amazing!!
1 year ago
My son in-law and I have sex all the time. Love when he fucks me in the ass and creampies me.
Lmao 1 year ago
Worst acting ever hahaha
Jada 1 year ago
My son in law just fucked me last night it felt so good
1 year ago
Damn I literally just wanted to know who the redhead is or at least see her naked
Dog! 1 year ago
I routinely fuck my MIL! She takes is in the ass every-time. You can’t beat fucking your wire in the morning then her Mom in the afternoon
Hot Becca 11 months ago
My stepdad had passed months ago. Mom called husband and he was supposed to be doing repairs for mom , Nope ! I walked in kitchen mom way riding away screaming o yes baby didn’t say word left . I go home stripped waited for him in kitchen damn I was wet and ready too ! I screwed him ever better said who’s better me or mom ? He said your way better so I said why fuck mom ? He said can’t get to much pussy and keep her smiling ! I said ok we all fuck same bed now !
Dirty South 1 year ago
I wish I could do my mother in law like that..WOW
you know im right 11 months ago
He needed to take the cock out of her moms ass and stick it down his wifes throat and make her taste her moms ass before cumming all over her face
1 year ago
I would love to get caught fucking my mother-in-law